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Look we all know you like to eat so with out farmers even you vegans will starve.

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Welcome to HFHCO.

We are a for-profit company that is trying to take advantage of the hysteria of Global Warming.

To help out we are offering YOU the chance to help USA farmers manage their carbon offsets. Yes cows poop and goats poop and so do chickens. As a result we as a earth conscious society need to step up and show that we care and give where we can to help.

What we provide is a place for you to free your conscience by buying a plant. Plants eat carbon for lunch, so the more plants you buy for us to plant, the more you help the environment.

When you buy a plant you will get an email with a photo of your plant on it’s planting day. This way you can show all your friends that yes you care for the environment.  We offer  a bonus when you buy 10 or more plants you will receive a hemp fabric T shirt with our logo.



We sell you seeds or fresh plant starts that we plant on our property.

P.O.Box 1093
Sultan, wa 98294